MiltLongSmMilt Long was a long-time Trustee with ORPA from sometime in the 50’s until the turn of the century. He was the “Mr. Camp Perry” for our organization. His dedication to improving programs and features at the Camp, as well as maintaining relationships with Camp Perry personnel, was second to none and may never be duplicated again. Ask any old-time High Power or Smallbore shooter and I’m sure they can relate a story or two about Milt and his exploits. Everything from sidewalks to pit improvements had his fingerprints on it. I’ve known Milt since the late 80’s when I first became an ORPA Trustee. I always knew him to be this quiet, unassuming man with the low key demeanor who never let anything get in his way to accomplishing his goals. In fact I can’t ever recall a time I ever saw him angry. But there were a couple times when his eyes would narrow and his speech slowed down to enunciate every syllable and a wide path would clear to make room for him. This usually was followed up with another goal accomplished and more betterment finalized. A remarkable man indeed. 

After 100 years and a month,  Milt passed away peacefully in his Port Clinton residence.  Click here to read his obituary. 

On behalf of the ORPA Trustees, Officers and Directors I would like to extend our condolences to the Long family and to thank them for sharing Milt and his service with us.  

God Bless you Milt, we all are so proud to have known you!

by G. Martin Capito, Sr.
     President - ORPA
     19 August 2017