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2018 April Presidents Letter

Jim HendersonPresident’s Column

By Jim Henderson 

 April 2018


Hello ORPA!

 I hope all is well with you and yours and you are getting all the range time you can stand!

I’m guessing at this point everyone is loading up their Sunshine Loads in anticipation of Spring and the Outdoor Season. I plan on having a loading weekend pretty soon!

My family and I recently got back from a week long vacation in Hawaii! We got to see some very good friends we hadn’t see in almost six years. It was also my first time traveling with a toddler. There were a couple extra logistical concerns but Charlotte was a real trooper! She only complained a little bit on the 8+ hour flight home! The scenery was as beautiful and prehistoric as everyone said it would be. The sunrises and sunsets were amazing! We did a three mile hike one morning up to the Makapuu Lighthouse just to get some pictures, it was perfect! We got to check out the North Shore and the waves were big to me, but I’m told they weren’t that great.
Great trip all in all!

As the outdoor season starts let’s all work together to mesh as many range schedules as we can, so that every range in the state gets as much participation as possible! I understand it is probably too late for this year, but if you can make it to a Board meeting at some point this year, we can talk about next year’s schedules and be ahead of the game.

Your High Power Director is hard at work getting that program back up and running! I believe we have some tentative dates set and are just waiting for the final ok to release them. Please bear with us as Samantha works on this, she is also the Mother of an awesome 15 month old, and has a very full time job.

I believe the outdoor Pistol schedule is out so start making plans to attend today!

Make sure you contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or solutions with anything Pistol.

One last thing. If you have any noteworthy happenings at your club, say a range record, someone moves up to a higher class, anything you can think of that will help spread the word please email or call me. I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a great day and I hope to see you on the range!

Jim Henderson
ORPA President

2018 February Presidents Letter

Jim HendersonPresident’s Column

By Jim Henderson 

 February 2018


Greetings ORPA members! I hope the new year finds you all happy and healthy! 

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you all a little of my background. I joined the Army at 17.5 years old in January of 1985. Went through Basic training and Advanced Individual Training at Ft Knox, Kentucky to become a glorious member of the US Army Armor Corp! For a kid from Pasadena California, the Kentucky winter was a rude awakening!

I started as a bullseye pistol shooter in 1989. I was picked for assignment to the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) in 1990. Funny thing was, I had no idea there was such a place within the Army. To be honest, before 1989 I’d never really considered there was such a thing as competitive marksmanship. I’d watched Biathalon in the Olympics as a kid, but that was about it. I spent 4 years at AMU then went off Active duty and went to the Reserves in 1994.

I then moved to Missouri and ended up working some jobs I didn’t really like. After a couple of years I was hired as a Lineman for AT&T. Worked there for almost 9 years. In that time 9-11 happened and the war on terror was in full swing. After winning NRA Pistol Nationals for the first time in ‘06, I felt the need to be back on Active duty. January 2006, I went back to USAMU, even volunteered to go to Afghanistan for a short trip to help them get an AMU of their own started. Only 3 months, easy peasy. I then served another 11 years to finish out my 20 years of active service. With my Reserve time that gave me 33 years of total service. While there were hard times to be sure, I wouldn’t change a thing.

In 2006 I met my wonderful wife Samantha. Who by the way is also your High Power Director. She is dedicated to getting that program up and running again!!! Samantha is from Oak Harbor. Since I had dragged her away from her family to Georgia, I promised she could choose where we moved after retirement. So here we are! We are in the middle of having a house built in the Marengo area and it should be completed by April/May.

So, what can you expect in the coming year from your State Association? My big push is to get High Power off the ground, and honestly, we could use your help! As it stands now we only have a few places we can shoot full course matches. We are very open to any suggestions, in or out of the box. While we are working towards getting this program back to life, I promise you there will be complete transparency. Not just with High Power, but with all aspects of ORPA.

I will also be looking at ways to increase membership in our Association. With that I will ask all of you for your help.  If you or someone or some business you know has a “thing” that could be given away as a prize, please let me know. My goal is to build a war chest if you will, of prizes to be given away at matches, meetings, whatever. We need more people involved. Right now, we have 2500(ish) members. I’d like to see that number climb by 100 this year. I think we can do that easily if everyone pitches in. To help get people interested in signing up new members and clubs, I’m giving a prize away to the person that signs the most new members or clubs this year! The more things we come up with to give away, the more things we can give away! Right now, I have a few custom knives, Aimpoints, trigger job/gun smithing certificates and a few other things I’ll leave as a surprise! My belief is that we can all work together to help grow our State Association! I’d love for us to be the reason that people move to the state!!

As always please feel free to contact me or any of the Board members to voice your comments or concerns, and especially your ideas to help!! Thanks again and good shooting to you all!

Jim Henderson


Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association

November 2017

Martin Capito Sr.

President's Column
By G. Martin Capito, Sr. 
18 November 2017

Annual Meeting:  
ORPA's 2017 Annual Meeting was held Sunday November 12, 2017 with much accomplished. The Code of Regulation changes (to bring the wording in line with 501c3 requirements) were passed. Additionally a change was made to reduce the number of Trustees from 33 to 24. For the last 10-12 years we have been having a hard time finding and recruiting interested members to serve on the ORPA Board. With membership in a decline, we find ourselves in a position that most other organizations are in: top heavy with too many open slots to fill. The Trustees felt it was best to reduce the number of Trustees. This was the last year to elect 11 Trustees: future elections will be for 8 positions. 
Speaking of the election, we had a full slate for the first time in over a decade. There were 12 people running for the 11 slots. The elected Trustees are Newt Engle, Russell Evans, Dane Hogle, Don Hunter, Richard Martin, James Morman, Robert Sacco, Larry D. Smith, Yvonne Smith, Bob Stachowiak, and Abigail Stanec. Appointed to one year terms were Samantha Henderson and Jim Henderson. They filled out the Nomination forms for next year and will be the first two on the 2018 ballot. Since we still had open slots I was going to appoint the 12th applicant to a one year term. But he was a no-show, so there was no way to ask if he was still interested. It pays to come to the Annual Meeting! 
The Trustees have been discussing adding a new Director of Procurement. The sole function was to solicit prizes for the annual raffle as well as more prizes for the competitive shooting matches. Jim Henderson accepted this position and is already checking out prizes. Anyone with an idea for prizes may contact Mr. Henderson. 

ORPA Elections:  
I'd like to thank Mary Sacco for the fine job as the Nominating Committee Chair. She had to step down after this year's election, and Larry D. Smith stepped up to handle the election process and nominating forms for next year. Thanks to Larry for volunteering for the position. 
After the Annual Meeting a short Trustee's Meeting was held for the election of the Association's Officers. Jennifer Syme was elected Secretary, making her appointment earlier this year a bit more permanent. Jim Scofield was reelected Treasurer to assure the Association's finances are in top shape. The Trustees elected four Vice Presidents: Larry D. Smith, G. Martin Capito, Sr., Fred Totts, and Russell Evans. As for President, The Trustees elected Jim Henderson to be your next President. I have every intention to support him and advise him in any way I can to promote and better the Association. Please give him your support, he's a good man and has a lot of great ideas to move the Association forward. 
It's no secret the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association has been going through some difficult times the last couple years. That's the reason I agreed to step up and serve as President again in 2015, to help solve some of the problems. Since then, the Association has been able to turn into a 501c3 organization so donations can be tax deductable.  We were able to convert five of the six annual issues of Gunsmoke changing them from a printed copy to an electronic copy. This alone should save us approximately $12K to $16K per year in printing costs. I'm happy to say there have been a very minor number of complaints about it. Offering to charge existing members $15.00 per year to continue receiving the printed version has gone over very well. New members, however, will receive the electronic version only. We will eventually convert almost exclusively to an e-journal. Member clubs and associations will continue to receive the printed version to keep in their respective club houses; that will not change. The sixth issue (voted on as the June issue) will continue to be a print version mailed to all current members. This will be a recap of articles, reports, association news, and contain the annual raffle tickets. The Trustees are excited about the new format and ready for the change. 

Highpower Rifle:  
The other solved problem was to straighten out the issues we uncovered with the Highpower Rifle program. It was unfortunate that 2017 was the first time in the Association's history that ORPA's Highpower rifle matches were not held at Camp Perry. A one year hiatus is long enough. I'm not going to rehash the reasons for this decision, but suffice to say we had to fix the problems before we resurrected the program. I'm happy to say that Samantha Henderson has agreed to take on the task and has started to assemble her team to get things back on track. There will be plenty of internal discussions to make sure we get it right before the first shot is fired. If anyone has questions or comments please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email Samantha direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . As of this writing we still need to contact Camp Perry personnel to verify available dates as well as a myriad of other logistics efforts. I hope the Highpower competitors will return to the fold and find the matches at Camp Perry an enjoyable event again.

Past President:  
I've said often that there is no one bigger than any organization. To that extent, it was time for me to encourage others to step up to lead. I was able to meet all the goals set, but only because of the dedication and loyalty of the ORPA Trustees to see the ship righted. It was only a series of tweaks for most issues, but they persevered and got things done. Now it's time to grow the Association and it would be better for another to lead us through the process. We need a fresh face and new ideas and I strongly believe Mr. Henderson is the person to do that. 
It's been an honor to lead the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association. With the past two years completed, I've now served as president for a total of five years out of my 29 years as a Trustee. I've met some great people and made some lifelong friends at both the State and National levels. I encourage others to step up and lead the organization as trustees, directors and officers. It's the only way for an organization to stay fresh and relevant to its members.
Thank you for the opportunity, and may God Bless.

May all your shots be X's.

Stay safe,
G. Martin Capito Sr.
Past President

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