Martin Capito Sr.

The ORPA Annual Meeting saw a nice turnout compared to years passed. The two committee (High Power and Pistol) meetings were well attended and much was accomplished.

I'd like to cover some changes that came about over the course of the day. First of all I'd like to thank out-going Trustees Ed Shank (Long Range Director) and Rick Pozo (Pistol Director) for their service to the Association. Their voices will be missed at the Trustee Meetings.

Speaking of Trustees, the following were elected to a three year term, ending in 2019:
Gwen Bailey; Keith Bailey; John Kiernan; Jim Scofield; Fred Totts; and WIlliam Knall.


The following were elected to fill the remaining two years on the ballot from last year. Due to a technical error last year's ballot was appointed to a one year term. This will get the system back on track:
Jim Huntsberger; Mary Sacco; Jennifer Syme; and G. Martin Capito, Sr.

Additionally, the following two individuals were appointed to a one-year term to fill vacant positions:
James Morman and Dane Vogle.

Your new Officers are as follows:
President:                    G. Martin Capito, Sr.
Vice Presidents:          Gwen Bailey; Larry D. Smith; Fred Totts
Treasurer:                   Jim Scofield
Secretary:                   Keith Bailey

There were other changes to the Director positions also. James Morman was appointed as Interim Pistol Director. He is filling the position vacated by Rick Pozo. James has some good ideas to try and I'd like to see the membership give him the support he needs to succeed. I think he'll be off to a good start already.

Bob Stachowiak was appointed as our new Technology Director to fill the vacancy made when Doug Utsch asked to be replaced. There will be a transition period with the two working together for a while but we expect no problems during this time. Bob comes to us highly recommended and brings a lot of experience and ideas to the table.

Thanks to all the newly elected people who stood up to serve.

G. Martin Capito Sr., President ORPA