Contacts and Leadership

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Title Name
President Marty Capito
Vice Presidents Fred Totts, Dan Smith
Secretary Jennifer Syme
Treasurer James Scofield
Membership  Alan Joseph
Adult Smallbore Rick Sarver
Airgun Abigail Stanec
Collegiate Newt Engle
Cowboy William Knall
Pistol  James Mormon
Hunting  Don Hunter
International Pistol Donna Knisley
Junior High Power Joseph Ohlinger
Junior Smallbore Russel Evans
Gunsmoke Editor Mary Sacco
Legislative Robert Sacco
Nominating Mary Sacco
Technology  Bob Stachowiak
Womens Issues  
Trustees - At Large  
Trustee Richard Martin
Trustee Michael Cornell
Trustee James Huntsberger
Trustee Yvonne Smith
Trustee Jennifer Syme
Trustee Larry Rowe
Trustee Dan Hogle
Trustee John Keirnan