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The Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association has an active legislative commitment to ALL of its' membership as well as all NRA members and gun owners in Ohio. We have worked with other groups and individuals in Ohio to pass Pro-Gun Legislation and also to defeat bills and ordinances that would discriminate against lawful gun owners and gun ownership.

The fight for just laws is NOT over and is not expected to be any easier in the near future. Gun enthusiasts and shooters statewide MUST unite in the fight against those who would take away our Second Amendment rights.

We actively promote and solicit your support in the continuing battle against unjust or discriminatory laws. We have provided links on the left panel to enable you to check how your Congressmen voted and write your members of Congress as well as State Legislators to enlist in our active campaigns.

The ORPA legislative committee monitors national and state legislation to keep its members informed of any threats to their Second Amendment rights. When a threatening bill is introduced at the state or national level, ORPA will provide instructions on this webpage regarding what you can do to help.

Buckeye Firearms is a useful news source in Ohio for staying current on firearms legislation. We also invite and encourage you to sign up for NRA-ILA alerts. Links to these websites are included below.




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