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  1. North Carolina: House Passes Sheriff-Approved Repeal of Pistol Permit
    Yesterday, the House passed House Bill 398, to repeal the pistol permit in favor of the federal NICS background check. It now goes to the Senate for further consideration.
  2. NRA-ILA Spring 2021 Litigation Newsletter
    NRA-ILA’s Office of Litigation Counsel has been busy defending the Second Amendment across the country.
  3. Alabama: Texas Also Advancing Permitless Carry
    In the time since we last reported on Alabama’s permitless carry bill passing a House committee, the permitless carry bill in Texas has been making quick progress.
  4. Texas: Senate Passes HB 1927
    Early this evening, after more than 6 hours of debate and discussion on more than two dozen amendments, the Texas Senate passed House Bill 1927, constitutional carry legislation, on an 18-13 vote.
  5. South Carolina: Constitutional Carry Amendment Fails
    Today, the Senate debated adding a constitutional carry amendment to House Bill 3094, the open carry bill. Unfortunately, the amendment failed to be adopted. 
  6. Oregon: Overreaching Gun Control Heads to the Governor’s Desk – Urge Governor Brown to Veto!
    Today, the Senate Democrats gave final approval to anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 554, sending the measure to the desk of Governor Kate Brown. 
  7. Louisiana: Constitutional Carry Bills Have Now Passed Both Legislative Chambers
    Recently, the Louisiana House passed Constitutional Carry legislation, House Bill 596. 
  8. South Carolina AG Wilson Wins Against Columbia Gun Control
    On May 4th, the South Carolina Court of Common Pleas ruled in favor of Attorney General Alan Wilson, agreeing that the City of Columbia’s anti-gun ordinances violate the state’s preemption law.
  9. Maine: Committee to Vote on Gun Bills
    On May 6th and 7th, the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is expected to vote on numerous pro- and anti-gun bills. 
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