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  1. New Jersey: Need A Ride To The Rally Next Week?
    Your NRA and the ANJRPC, are working hard to make sure we have a strong presence from gun owners next week in Trenton for the Second Amendment Rally.
  2. ‘The first casualty’: NRA broadsides Florida House Speaker for gun control ‘betrayal’
    “Richard’s the first casualty. He probably won’t be the last,” said one Republican in the Legislature who was so fearful of Hammer that the member didn’t want any identifying information printed about his or her gender or which chamber he or she served in. “For Richard, this is deadly in a Republican primary.”
  3. Alabama Lawmakers to Debate Permitting Armed Teachers in School
    The Alabama House of Representatives will debate on Tuesday whether teachers can carry guns on campus. The latest push for school security proposed by Republican Rep. Will Ainsworth would allow designated teachers or school administrators approved by local law enforcement to carry firearms in school.
  4. Iowa House approves gun rights constitutional amendment
    The Iowa House took the first step Monday toward giving Iowans an opportunity to amend the state constitution to add protections for gun ownership.
  5. Gun control: What Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to do next in New York
    New York would extend the background-check waiting period to buy a firearm from three days to 10 days under a proposal backed Sunday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
  6. Canada: Federal Liberals poised to tighten controls on firearms sales, licensing
    The Liberal government is planning to introduce long-promised legislation as early as Tuesday to strengthen controls on the sale, licensing and tracing of guns.
  7. The media is out of control in its push for gun control
    Fact checkers are out of control, and on the issue of guns they no longer even try to pretend impartiality. Especially on social media, this is becoming a serious problem. Facebook has been working with organizations such as PolitiFact, Snopes and Factcheck.org to filter news. Stories deemed “false” by these organization are labeled as false and are much more difficult to spread virally.
  8. Navy SEAL Congressman Has Brutal Comeback When Asked Why He Needs "High-Capacity" Magazines
    Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.) commented on a tweet posted by Tim Kaine, and he did not hold back. Taylor, a former Navy SEAL serving Virginia's 2nd District, is extremely supportive of the NRA and Second Amendment freedoms.  
  9. Delaware: House to Consider Radical Gun Control Legislation Tomorrow
    Tomorrow, the Delaware House will consider anti-gun legislation, House Bill 330.
  10. Tennessee: Pro-Gun Bills Scheduled for Committee Hearings this Week
    Tomorrow, the House Civil Justice Subcommittee is scheduled to consider House Bill 2208, House Bill 2129, and House Bill 1602.
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