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NRA Board of Directors Elections

The NRA Board of Directors Elections will be coming up early next year.  While ORPA historically has not endorsed any candidate for the board, we as a competitive shooting organization do support candidates who represent competitive shooting.  

Click here to view a poster of competitive shooting candidates.

NRA Board Candidate Captain John Sigler

John Sigler


Capt. John C. Sigler (Ret.)

Nominated by both

NRA’s Members by Petition and by NRA’s Nominating Committee

NRA’s 59th PresidentNRA Benefactor, Heritage Society;Whittington Trustee; former NRA Foundation Trustee; current NRA Director & Executive Council member.

2nd Amendment Activist -Founder, Delaware Association of Second Amenment Lawyers; Co-Founder, pro-gun Delaware Foundation for Legislative Action; Volunteer Pro-Gun Lobbyist; avid “Right-to-Carry” & “National Reciprocity” advocate; author of many pro-gun bills in Delaware legislature. Past President of the Fifty Caliber Insititute

Competitive Shooter Member 2017 U.S. F-Open Rifle Team; Former NRA PPC State Champion & Governor’s 20 Champion; Former Conventional Pistol, International Pistol and Air Pistol competitor; 5-time member, NSCA Delaware State Sporting Clays Team. Co-founder Delaware’s Governor’s 20 Program.

NRA RefereeLine Referee,Camp Perry Pistol, & Chief Referee NRA Police Nationals

Avid Hunter – Member Safari Club International .  John has hunted throughout the USA and in Argentina, Scotland, South Africa and Zambia.

Gun Collector Casual collector – served on NRA’s Gun Collectors Committee and as an NRA Annual Meeting Display Judge.

NRA VolunteerFormer NRA Filed Support Team Volunteer, Friends of NRA Committee Chairman & NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator. Past President of Delaware’s NRA State Association – the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Associaion  (DSSA).

NRA Committee Experience – Chair - High Power; former Chair of Finance, Law Enforcement, Meeting Site, Hearings; Vice-Chair -Clubs & Associations; has served on Competitions Rules & Programs, Bylaws & Resolutions, Gun Collectors, Legislative Policy

U.S. Navy Veteran – 1967-1971 – U.S. Naval Submarine Service – USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643) & USS Hardhead (SS 365). Member, Chapter 850 of Vietnam Vetarans of America; United States Submarine Veterans; and American Legion Fox Post #2.

Employment – Retired Police Captain, now practicing law in Delaware and Maryland.


Endorsements-  Ohio Gun Collectors Association; Fifty Caliber Shooters Association; Florida Sport Shooting Association; North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association; Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association.

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