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Cowboy Action Shooting

BillKnallGOA2012Cowboy Action Shooting is one of fastest growing disciplines in the shooting sports. Matches are designed around scenarios and firearms taken from the historic period of the 'Old West' in the United States.

Competition with Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol is governed by the Single Action Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.). Competition has the added facet of a living history aspect. Competitors must choose a singular 'Nickname' and develop a costume and persona to use during competition. If you are interested in getting involved in this sport go to SASS  for more information.

There are numerous categories in which to compete for men, women and youth.

Cowboy Match Bulletins

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2017 Guns of August

Guns of August 10-12 2017

By: Fletch SASS 14224

Well Pards, this year’s Guns of August (GOA) lived up to its billing as the premier Cowboy Action Shooting event of the year. I’ve been writing about the Guns of August for quite a while, but for our new members, GOA is the Mideast Regional Single Action Shooting Society competition. It  has been held the second weekend of August every year for the past 20 years. It draws contestants from all over the USA and even brought in a strong contingent of our Canadian neighbors to the north as well. 

Of note, this was the last year that Guns of August will be the SASS Mideast Regional competition location. SASS made that decision earlier this year. And although it is being relocated, I must compliment Deadwood Stan (Stan Swanner) , Lassiter (Tom Wildenauer) and the entire Big Irons team for all their hard work and dedication to  Cowboy Action Shooting for all these years. Yee Ha! Deadwood emphasized that although the regional designation will relocate that the Big Irons will continue to hold a three day shoot again next year.

Over 185 shooters amassed at the Middletown Sportsman Club in Middletown Ohio for this year’s event. In this group were a number of aged based  or specialized shooter interest categories such as Buckaroo/Buckerette (age 13 and under) or Forty-niner (age 49+), and Gunfighter and Classic Cowboy. I shot in the "B" Western category with specific costume clothing, weapons and accouterments to mimic those 1950s and 60s western TV and movies.

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Upcoming Cowboy Events

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