Greetings and salutations from the ORPA Junior Pistol Team! Bullseye pistol season is in full swing, and we are excited to report the results of our last two matches. The Juniors, coached by Fred Totts, headed north to Oak Harbor for the State Indoor Match in April. Four of the Juniors shot: Cody Poole, Mason Poole, Grace Praisler, and Jessica Syme. The match was an 1800 (.22 and .45). Cody Poole finished with a score of 1562. Mason shot a 1013 and Jessica scored a 1474. Grace shot the match as .22 only, shooting a 1456. This match provided a fun entry back into the world of .45s, as grinning faces remarked “That is not an air pistol!” Fortunately, the Juniors were soon able to head outside at the Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Range.
On June 4th, the Juniors competed in their first Bullseye outdoor match of the season. Despite the rain showers, all performed well. Rob Delagrange shot a 2202-25x. Cody Poole finished as First Sharpshooter with a score of 2315-26x. Mason Poole scored a 1662-10x. Grace Praisler finished with a 1990-14x. Jessica Syme shot a 2018-35x, unfortunately having to leave the line early during .45 due to a scope problem. Reagan Phillips, a new member of the Junior team, shot her first Bullseye match as a .22 only. She scored a 677-5x for her .22, and is looking forward to more matches in the future! ORPA Collegiate Brett Tucker also competed in June, shooting a 2244-36x.
The ORPA Junior Pistol Team is looking forward to the Regional Matches held at Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club July 7th-9th. After Regionals, we will trek north to the NRA National Bullseye Pistol Championships, held at Camp Perry. Rob, Cody, Mason, Grace, and Jessica will all be shooting during Nationals and are excited for the opportunity to defend their title as the reigning Junior Team Champions. Stay tuned for results!