The ORPA Junior Pistol Program, coached by Fred Totts, began a very successful summer at the 2018 Regional Bullseye Pistol Match. Regionals were held at the Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club from July 6-8, 2018. Nine Juniors shot the Regional match. Rob Delagrange scored a 2311-31x, Grace Praisler shot a 2179-19x, and Mason Poole scored a 2050-22x. Tyler Knouff finished with an 1874-15x, Reagan Phillips shot a 1705-10x, Ethan Clark scored a 1563-26x, and Amanda Ackerman shot a 1308-9x. For .22 only, Connor Richardson shot a 713-9x and Hailey Donohue shot a 349-1x. ORPA Collegiate shooters Jessica Syme and Brett Tucker scored 2387-42x and 2386-56x, respectively. ORPA Alumni Bryce Tucker shot a 2480-53x. The ORPA Junior Pistol Program would like to thank the Army Marksmanship Unit members that offered their time and advice in preparation for the Regional match.

After the Regional Matches, the ORPA Junior Pistol Program members headed north to Camp Perry for the 2018 NRA National Pistol Matches from July 9-13, 2018. Ethan scored a 2409-49x, Rob shot a 2408-47x, Grace finished with a 2192-22x, Mason shot a 1942-16x, Tyler scored an 1859-11x, Reagan shot an 1817-15x, and Amanda finished with a 1551-6x. Jessica, as an ORPA Collegiate, shot a 2428-44x and placed third in the Collegiate category.
In addition to their individual matches, the ORPA Juniors also competed to re-claim the title of High Junior Team for 2018. The ORPA Juniors won High Junior Team for .22 with a score of 1067-28x, firing members were Rob Delagrange, Ethan Clark, Grace Praisler, and Mason. The team finished behind the New Jersey Juniors for the Centerfire team match with a score of 998-7x, firing members were Rob, Ethan, Grace, and Mason Poole. In the final .45 Caliber team match, the ORPA Juniors claimed High Junior Team with a score of 980-13x with firing members of Rob Delagrange, Ethan Clark, Grace Praisler,
2018 ORPA Junior Pistol Team submitted by Jessica Syme
L to R: Tyler Knouff, Ethan Clark, Rob Delagrange, Amanda Ackerman, Grace Praisler, Coach Totts, Reagan Phillips, Mason Poole and Jessica Syme.
and Tyler Knouff. For the High Junior Team aggregate, the 2018 ORPA Junior Pistol Team won with a score of 3045-48x. This is Coach Totts’ 11th National Title as High Junior Team. With all team members returning next year except for Rob, they are already looking forward to defending their title next year in a week of sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun.
The ORPA Juniors returned to their home club of Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club for the 2018 State Outdoor Match on August 19, 2018. Mason finished as the High Junior with a 2263-23x. Grace shot a 2257-32x, Ethan scored a 2254-36x, Tyler shot a 2154-54x, and Reagan finished with an 1811-12x. Two of the ORPA Juniors fired .22 only. Connor scored a 2169-16x and Hailey shot a 1971-19x. The ORPA Juniors are planning to finish the summer bullseye season at the Cardinal Center’s September match.
For ORPA Collegiate, Jessica shot a 2464-53x and won the Sharpshooter classification. Rob and Jessica have already begun their practice and matches in preparation for the NRA Collegiate Nationals in March. Make sure to check out your next edition of Gunsmoke for future results from the ORPA Junior Pistol Program, your 2018 NRA Pistol High Junior Team National CHAMPIONS!