Welcome to the Smallbore page. Smallbore rifle shooting is done with .22 rimfire caliber rifles and competition is available for target rifles or light hunting style rifles.  For more information about getting started shooting smallbore click this LINK.

Ohio has very active smallbore programs.  Currently, matches sponsored include the Outdoor Prone and 3-Position Matches held annually in June at Camp Perry, the largest outdoor range in the world and the site of the National Matches. The covered firing points on Petrarca Range are second to none.



Ohio also holds annual gallery and NRA sectional matches at the Ohio State University range.

Junior programs abound in Ohio culminating with 3-Position and 4-Position Smallbore, Sporter and Precision Air Rifle Sectionals together with the annual Junior Olympic Rifle and Pistol Matches held in cooperation with USA SHOOTING.

Collegiate Shooting is also well represented in Ohio with 2 active NCAA Collegiate teams at The Ohio State University in Columbus and The University of Akron.  For further information on Smallbore shooting in Ohio, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact our Smallbore Director.