ORPA and ORPA-affiliated clubs offer a few different programs for both novices and experienced hunters.

Deer Hunting

Ohio whitetail deer hunting is enjoyed by over 300,000 hunters each from late September to early February. It is a time-honored tradition among family and friends to hunt the fall woods of Ohio looking for deer.


Waterfowl hunting includes ducks and geese and can be hunted from Lake Erie to the Ohio River and many places in between.

Small Game Hunting

Many young children have spent time in the woods with parents or grandparents learning the way of the woods hunting squirrels and rabbits on a fall day.
Experienced hunters take dogs to the woods looking for pheasant, grouse, and

Varmint hunting

New to some in Ohio to pursue varmints and old hat for others. Calling these crafty critters like coyotes or foxes in for a shot can be the ultimate hunting challenge.

Invasive Species

Wild boar has spread to 21 counties in Ohio and threatens domestic farm animals with diseases and negatively impacts the environment for native wildlife wherever they are found.


Ohioans enjoy a long history of hunting. Whether that is spending time in a duck blind with your friends, taking your first whitetail deer on a crisp November morning, or enjoying spending time with your children and/or grandchildren as they enjoy the outdoors through hunting. ORPA wants to support our member clubs in their hunting activities as well as the goal of supporting the tradition of hunting through the three R’s. Retain, Recruit, and Reactivate hunters in Ohio. The way we will do that is by reaching potential hunters through activities and education. If your club is planning a hunting-related activity, please let us know so we can help support it by spreading the word and potentially with volunteers.
If you are interested in Ohio Hunter Education, check out courses available at



Hunter Education


Hunting License


Knowledge of the game you are hunting


A plan for when you are leaving, check-in times, where everyone will be hunting, and when expected back.


Hunting implement (bow, crossbow, shotgun, pistol, rifle)


Legal hunting ammo for your hunting implement


Clothes appropriate for weather and terrain


First aid kit


Communication device (radio or cell phone if you have coverage)


Note: different types of hunting may require additional equipment and planning. i.e. duck hunting on the water or deer hunting in the snow.

Be A Hunting Ambassador

Be A Hunting Ambassador

When you think of an ambassador you think of someone in a foreign country representing their country's interests in that country.  Being a hunting ambassador is similar in that every hunter has an ability to either turn on to hunting or off of hunting.  Less than 6%...

2022 Ohio Deer Hunters Continue Successful Season

2022 Ohio Deer Hunters Continue Successful Season

All across Ohio hunters took advantage of the Bonus firearm season harvest 15,000 deer that will feed their families and others through the Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) program.  The harvest has been above the three year average even with the EHD...

2022 Water Fowl Survey from ODNR

For the hunters that pursue water fowl you can find the ODNR survey a useful tool in determining when birds are starting to migrate at a lot of the major lakes around Ohio.  As well as information on Goose migration,  dabbler ducks, diver ducks, swans, and Sandhill...

2022 Spring Turkey Hunting Season

The Ohio Spring 2022 Turkey season saw another decline in the number of turkeys taken.  The ODNR credits the decline to lower turkey numbers, fewer hunters, and the weather.  All parts play into the turkey harvest.  Reducing the harvest to one turkey per hunter also...

2022-2023 Hunting Seasons Set

The 2022-2023 Hunting Season dates have been set with changes in turkey bag limits, deer back limits, and CWD surveillance zones To read the ODNR news release click on this link:...

2021/2022 Deer Hunting Season Results

The 2021/2022 Deer season results are in and it was the largest number of deer taken since 2013. Read the entire report here from the ODNR.  

2021/2022 Muzzleloader Season Results

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio hunters completed the 2022 muzzleloader season with 12,141 deer checked from Saturday, Jan. 8 to Tuesday, Jan. 11, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. Over the past three years, an average of 11,501...

Frequently Asked Questions

What events does ORPA put on each year for hunting?

Presently ORPA is assisting member clubs in putting on hunting activities. If you have an idea for a hunting activity, feel free to contact us.

How can I find a location for Hunter Education?

Hunter education locations can be found at and you can complete it either completely online or in an in-person class

Do I need to complete Hunter Education to hunt in Ohio?

No, you can purchase an Apprentice License and hunt with another hunter. Hunter Education is highly recommended as it teaches you how to safely hunt in the woods.

Is there an age limit to hunt in Ohio?

No, but you must have a valid license and any necessary tags to hunt. Check out the Ohio DNR website for more information.

Does Ohio honor Hunter Education from another state?

Yes, it’s recommended to carry proof with you while you are hunting in case you are asked for it.

Do other states honor Ohio’s Hunter Education?

Yes, all 50 states and Canadian provinces honor Ohio’s Hunter Education. It is recommended to print you card and carry it with when you are outside of Ohio. 

Where can I find more information out about becoming an Ohio Hunter Education instructor?

Contact the Ohio DNR or check out for scheduled classes.

Does Ohio have youth only hunting days?

Yes, check out the current Ohio Regulation booklet for times and locations.