Jim HendersonPresident’s Column

By Jim Henderson 

 April 2019

 Jim Henderson

ORPA President

Hello everyone!
I hope you’re doing your best to stay warm and finding plenty of things to keep you busy indoors!
I wanted to send a quick note to catch everyone up on what ORPA has been getting done for the betterment of the organization during these frigid months.

The Board of Trustees is proud to announce we have a brick and mortar head-quarters in the great state of Ohio once again! Last year we spent a great deal of time going over the operations of the organization to see where we could adjust things to streamline the day to day operations. With that being done we were able to afford to lease a building space at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo OH.

The complex is about 35 miles north of Columbus, and as centrally located in the state as we could find. With ORPA’s 501c3 status we won’t be able to use it as a store per se, but more of an HQ to run the operations from, store and display all the proud history of the organization, and hopefully several member get togethers! More on those as we get established in the space. I’ll be proposing to the Board at our next meeting that we have an open house for the space at some point this year. I’m thinking we could do it at the annual meeting. Have some food and prizes and such. I’d love to have everyone come out and see the display of Ohio Shooting history!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and is surviving/enjoying the winter weather as best you can! I hope to see all of you at the Annual Meeting!

Thanks again for your faith and support,

Jim Henderson
The Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association