Jim HendersonPresident’s Column

By Jim Henderson 




First off for 2020, I would like to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Your Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association has a very busy year planned.

As many of you know, we have introduced “The Ohio Triple Crown” to the competitive Precision Pistol shooting community. The 3 “crowns” include Bullseye 2700 matches at three outstanding ranges in Ohio: Cardinal Center, Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club, and CMP Camp Perry as the final match. The matches kick off with Cardinal Center on June 30th, Canton McKinley July 3rd, and Camp Perry July 7th. Mark the dates and sign up!

Details are being worked out with match directors, and we are obtaining match sponsors. Accuracy X has already stepped up to support this amazing Trifecta of Precision Pistol.

In addition, your organization is working on a new endeavor with Firearms and Safety Training (FaST) headed up by our own Trent Stepp and Jeff Perry. More details on all these exciting programs will be unfolding in upcoming Gunsmoke editions.

Again, this organization is only as good as the members willing to participate. Your support and involvement is key to our success. New ideas are needed, and new members are required for continued program success. At our last Annual Meeting, we had ONE member attend outside of our Board and Trustees.

Fortunately, he had MANY great ideas and shared them with us. One big take away was the idea of “bring a friend to the range” idea. Increasing involvement in our shooting sports community one member at a time. This idea is fantastic. Just think, bringing one new potential member with you to your range each time, encouraging firearm safety, and spreading the enjoyment of our great heritage with others. Increasing your club’s membership, increasing ORPA membership, and increasing the awareness of our amazing shooting sports community. This is a win-win for all of us.

As the year unfolds, consider participating in an ORPA sponsored competition, consider attending the Annual Meeting in November, put ORPA on your calendar FIRST, not last. Ask what YOU can do for your organization. All of us have very busy lives, we prioritize our time, and make time for what is important to us. The tradition of firearms in this great country is only as secure as the next generation deems it to be. Our responsibility lies in continuing the great freedoms we have enjoyed for the next generation. Does this matter to you? Won’t you participate?

I am excited at the upcoming ORPA schedule for 2020, I am enthusiastic about the shooting competitions planned for this upcoming year, and am hopeful that members, that means YOU, will join us in these endeavors.

See you at the range,

Jim Henderson

President, The Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association