Jim HendersonPresident’s Column

By Jim Henderson 

 April 2020

 Jim Henderson

ORPA President

Hello and I hope you are all as healthy and safe as you can be!

Strange times these days, to say the least.  With the shelter in place order dragging on, I’m sure most of you are chomping at the bit to get out and shoot, I know I am! Whatever your feeling or beliefs are with the current health scare, it is the situation we find ourselves in. So what can we do after we’ve separated, cleaned, waxed and polished everything in the house that even looks like brass? I’m sure you have all loaded just about everything that will hold powder as well! It seems especially frustrating with the sun making short lived appearances all over the state like some kind of rock star!

With all that being said maybe I can give something to look forward to. Our Annual ORPA Raffle tickets will be going out soon! With everything going on this year as far as unemployment goes I’m sending out a call to action to the ORPA Trustees and all Club Presidents! I challenge all of you to donate a minimum of $20 to the Annual Raffle. I’ll start the pot with a donation of $100!

With that in the works we already have some great prizes! First off is an M1 Garand from the CMP.  Next up is a Ruger 10/22 donated by The Cardinal Shooting Center. The CMP has also generously donated an Air Gun package: A Daisy 853 Air Rifle, Pellets, and family passes to the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center air range at Camp Perry, Ohio. Then we have an awesome custom knife from Gary Smith. Finally Red Feather Outfitters, the new shooting supply and gun store at The Cardinal Center, is donating 500rds of Remington 9mm ammunition.

I know first-hand several matches have been cancelled or postponed to later in the year. So what can we do at home to sharpen our shooting mind set? For pistol shooters, dry firing is the best training drill we can do. Dry firing with a double action revolver is one of the best dry fire tools I can think of. You don’t even need to look down the sights, just watch that cylinder. If it moves continuously until the hammer falls, you’re doing it right! I’d really like to add a Tips and Tricks forum to the web site. Ideally it would have helpful tips from all of you on what other shooters can do that has worked for you. I hope there is more to come on topic!

I would like to thank Mary Sacco for her years of services to ORPA as both a Trustee and Gunsmoke Editor. Our condolences to her in the loss of her loving husband, Bob, past president of ORPA. Mary has resigned as ORPA trustee, and plans to head south to warmer weather. We will miss them both.

All in all this has been and will be a tough year for everyone. We all need to focus on growing the shooting sports in Ohio any way we can! What are you doing to increase interest in your club? With that, what can we ALL do to increase interest in YOUR state association?

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you on the range.

Jim Henderson
Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association